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KC Accounting

KC Accounting provides virtual accounting solutions to firms requiring detailed project costing and reporting.  Our complete back office solution provides clients anytime, anywhere access to up-to-date financial information critical in making informed business decisions.

Accounting for your business is the key to success, however, you may not have the time, the know-how or the right partners and employees.  KC Accounting has streamlined and collaborative solutions using "cloud computing" technologies.  With our services, we can reduce your overhead costs and provide an entire accounting team, from bookkeeper, accountant, and controller, for less than the cost of hiring one bookkeeping employee.

KC Accounting enables business owners to
focus on their business, rather than working in their business.

A big frustration that business owners have is that they may receive financial statements prepared by their CPA or accountant, but they don't know how to read or understand them.  KC Accounting helps small businesses understand where their business is making profits or losses and provides guidance with financial insights and user friendly business analytics.



A Financial Statement Primer - guide to reading and understanding the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

I've put together a valuable free report that explains the three basic financial statements, how to read them and what they can tell a business owner about the businesses past performance.   If you join my email list, you can download this free report.

By joining my list you will receive future articles and reports on how to further analyze financial statements and understand the key performance indicators that can help you understand exactly how your business is doing.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to support small businesses and contractors with complete accounting departments that manage company resources effectively, measure and control costs, and create financial strategies to maximize profits. With accounting processes and structures in place, owners can run their companies with greater efficiency, profitability, and satisfaction.

CONTACT INFO:  (800) 536-6510
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